the language of flowers

i am VERY into flowers and like most things i am VERY into, i think there is a magic element behind them. flowers hold so many different kinds of magic. their beauty, color and fortitude are naturally occurring, they smell nice, some flowers have healing compounds, they make you happy when you find a bunch at the farmers market, or when your boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad/best friend gives them to you or when you give them to someone, or when you are sad and need a pick me up from nature.

my philosophy is flowers are so mighty they can fix most things. i once convinced my friends that flowers were needed in our hotel room during a bachelorette party. we were (slightly) hungover and only had eyes for leftover cake and tortilla chips, but i knew living breathing fresh floral would bring us live. and it did, ha!

did you know flowers have a secret language? in addition to flowers, i also love words so this connection is tremendously exciting. my favorite word in the english language just so happens to honor flowers. yay for synchronicity. bloom - the state or period of flowering; the state or period of greatest beauty, freshness, or vigor. hence, bloomsteps.

mother earth speaks flowers

wikipedia tells me the language of flowers is called floriography and it is communication through the arrangement of flowers. i want to have all my conversations this way! instead of hello, i hand someone a peony, to express that i agree with what they are saying, i give them a chrysanthemum (why not? sounds fancy & v. understanding) and to bid them adieu ending the convo, i leave behind a daisy. how much better, albeit more confusing, would all day-to-day interactions be in the flower language world?

apparently victorian england got down with floriography. during a time when society was pretty buttoned up, people would send flower arrangements with coded secret message meanings. like a florist james bond!!

now, here are pretty pictures of flowers that have been my friends! enjoy the blooms.